About Us

 Posh Magazine Africa

When Posh Magazine Africa was launched as a one-shot sample insert in an African news magazine in 2009, few realized it would become the landmark institution in both fashion and African journalism that it is today.

When the Posh Magazine Africa preview debuted, it carried articles on subjects such as the latest news about politics, fashion, and celebrities. A lot of media soothsayers told us some dismaying news about our pilot issue. Because of this, we thought that our first issue will flop since some people in media downgraded our Magazine. Despite a lot of negativity coming, we were overwhelmed by the support of the people in Africa.

After the first regular issue hit the newsstands in 2010, we launched our second issue with 200,000 test copies. Everything sold out nationwide in one week. Because of the unbelievable support of people in our country, we’ve decided to bring Posh Magazine Africa on the internet to reach more readers for them to know what’s on the news and what the trends in Africa are.

We even provide an online voting for the Person of the Year in Africa. Celebrities, sports or business people and public servants are nominated in our poll.

We were surprised when we saw millions of readers cast their vote and when the magazine generated an astonishing 30,000 subscription orders and over 33,000 reader letters within weeks. We even receive messages of support and good reviews from different countries. By the time, Posh Magazine Africa celebrated its 5th year anniversary in 2015, all of those who gave negative feedback on it changed their tunes.

Today, Posh Magazine Africa remains an interactive enterprise in which an unusually diverse readership is simultaneously engaged with each other and the world. The modern Posh Magazine boasts the most extensive coverage of local and international fashion trends, sports and political issues of any magazine available in Africa.

We hope we’ve given you enough information about Posh Magazine Africa. Thank you for your time!