Posh Magazine Africa | FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

*I have a question about my magazine subscription. How do I contact your management?
For all queries about your magazine subscription, please message us at our email account. Information can be found at the contact section of this site.

*What if I am living outside the country and have questions about my subscription, who do I contact?
For international subscriptions, please drop your messages to the same contact information given.

*How to vote on your online poll for Person Of the Year? Do I need to register?
You have to register on our website for you to vote. This is to ensure the necessary precautions.

*Is it allowed to vote for one person at a time?
Voting requires at least 1 person a day. You can choose who do you want to vote for that day and another one for the next day.

*Can I use your photo on my blog?
We are so sorry but we do not authorize anyone to use our photos on a different website.

*If I will subscribe, when will I receive my first issue?
When subscribing with Posh Magazine Africa, you will receive the next available issue. We will not send you the previous issue unless you requested it.

All deliveries are fulfilled by the fastest local post. International deliveries are made through international courier. For more information regarding deliveries, see our contact page info.

*Can I purchase a back issue of your magazine?
Yes, you can! Just click the back issues and choose what interests you the most and add it your cart.

*Can I cancel my subscription?
We hate to see you go but if that happens, please see our contact page regarding cancellations and refunds.

*What do I receive if I subscribe to your newsletter?
You don’t need to avail or purchase our magazine, you will be the first to receive our latest issue and can access the whole article.