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Here in Posh Magazine Africa, we are not only selling our magazine but we do our very best to ensure the satisfaction of our beloved customers and subscribers. See all the reviews of satisfied people who already subscribed and tried our magazine. Know that all testimonies you will read below are all honest and genuine and cannot be revised at all.

I have had occasion to contact your site last week. I can’t believe that you will respond immediately. Your customer service is excellent! The one who replied to my message is courteous, thorough, and thoughtful in the way he handled my requests. Thank you, you’re doing a great job!Eunice

I contacted your management yesterday because I have some issues with my subscription. It has already been processed through the automatic system. Your staff immediately responded to my email, I was expecting it to be difficult but the process was done with ease. Thank you for that! I was planning to own my business in the near future. Because of the service skill of your staff, I will now know how important it is to have an employee who can represent the company by using their own customer service skills. Posh Magazine Africa has such incredible employees.Gabrielle

I contacted your customer service department and it was an absolutely wonderful service I received from your staff. Because of that, I ordered one more magazine subscription.Daniel

It was a real pleasure to use your site to renew my subscription with two addresses. You made the processing very easy and fast. I will tell my friends to change their subscription to Posh Magazine Africa. Thank you so much!Susan

Thank you so much, Posh Magazine Africa. At first, I was fearful thinking that I was going to misunderstand the whole thing about subscribing. But I was wrong. The procedure and process are easy. Now, my faith is restored in online ordering.Eunice