Welcome to Posh Magazine Africa!

Welcome to Posh Magazine Africa! We appreciate having you here in our website.

If you are looking for the latest fashion, trends or people who have dominated the news this year, then you are in the right spot.

Before we launched Posh Magazine Africa in 2010, we were just renting a flat with a contemporary garage door in Sedona. We only had a very small office space. From there, with hard work and patience, we were able to establish the Magazine. We can say that in this respect, we have been quite successful and have made quite a name for Posh Magazine Africa.

Posh Magazine is an African online magazine that we produce in the United States. We feature the hottest trends in Africa, including political issues, sports and business news. Our mission is to reach people around the world for them to know the latest trends and what is happening in this continent. Thanks to the people of Africa, we were able to make it possible.

A year after we launched Posh Magazine Africa, we chose a Person of the Year for the continent– defined as a person or people who have had the most influence over the news in Africa for the year. Nominations for the annual Person of the Year or POY award are accepted on a rolling basis. The award we’ve launched since 2011 will allow people from Africa to vote from among ten nominees includes celebrities, politicians, business and sports persons.

Every month of December, we initiate a poll for Person Of the Year or POY. To cast your vote, you must register first on our website. Registering will provide the necessary precautions. To cast your vote, tap the POY section where a list of nominees will appear. Choose the person who is worth your vote. Choose one person at a time. Make sure to vote every day.

To take advantage of our magazine, choose what issue you want. Then add to your cart. You will receive your purchased magazine through delivery. Allow us to ship your order within 3 to seven working days. On the other hand, customers outside the country require a minimum purchase of 100 copies and delivery via International courier. Shipping time depends on the courier but the basic time requires 60 working days.

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